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Publicly funded NHS & social care services

South Gloucestershire Community Rehabilitation Team – What to Expect

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Leaflet URN 001
What can I expect from the Community Rehabilitation Team (CRT)

All CRT therapists have the skills and experience needed to work with people who have health needs and live in a their own home or a Care Home. The best results for you will come about when you and our therapists work together and you are fully committed to your rehabilitation.

Assessment is the first part of the process. First of all we will contact you to agree a suitable time and place to visit you.

During the first visit we will talk to you about the issues you currently have and see which you think a therapist can help you with.

Together we will agree on your priorities and for each issue we will plan what could be achieved. Some people call these goals. The therapist will discuss and agree the timings of our visits with you and the expected length of sessions and ongoing input.

The therapist will explain the purpose of what we are suggesting, any alternatives and the relevant benefits and risks. The therapist will only proceed with your agreement.

Our aim is to support and empower you to achieve your own goals; this may involve you setting time aside between therapy visits to work on these. After an agreed time, together we will review your goals.

You may be working with more than one therapist at a time who may also work with people from other organisations, such as social services, care agencies etc.

We will get your agreement before we contact anyone else and send you a copy of any letters we write.

What happens at the end of therapy?

We will plan with you how to continue to benefit from the work we have done together. When we have completed our work with you we will send you a written summary if you want. We will let you know how to contact us again should you need to.

Who monitors CRT Therapists?

All CRT Therapists are registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council, which monitors standards of practice and professional conduct.

Therapists meet regularly with a more senior colleague to discuss the work they do. We regularly update our skills with training and supervision.

Who else may I see?

Speech and Language Therapists work within the CRT and they may be involved with your care if you have speech or swallowing problems.

Rehabilitation Support Workers and Physiotherapy Technicians support therapists are part of the team. They may be involved in your therapy programme. They are closely supervised by the therapists within the team.

Therapy students sometimes work with us (under supervision). You will have a choice about having them involved.

Comments or suggestions about CRT are always welcome – please contact your local office (details below).

Kingswood Locality (Downend Clinic) – 0117 330 2505

Severnvale Locality (Patchway Clinic) – 0117 969 2370

Sirona care & health, Corum One, Crown Way Warmley, BS30 8FJ