Publicly funded NHS & social care services
Publicly funded NHS & social care services

Slimming on Referral

This service involves referrals to Weight Watchers (WW) or Slimming World (SW).

Who is this service for?

Individuals who are 16 years old and above and have one of the below:

  •  BMI 30 or more (BMI >27 for BME Patients)
  •  BMI 28 or more and one or more co-morbidities
  •  BMI equal to or greater than 98th centile on gender appropriate centile BMI charts, if aged 16 – 18 years
  • People must not have attended and self-funded a slimming group or used online support (WW OR SW) within the last 3 months
  • People must be committed to losing at least 5-10% of their body weight
  • People must be committed to attending at least 10 out of the 12 sessions and committed to staying for the whole group session, not just the weigh in

To succeed on this programme, motivation and commitment is needed from patients to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

People who meet the eligibility criteria for the programme will be assessed for motivation using a patient motivation assessment questionnaire.

How does this service work / what's involved in this service?

The Slimming on Referral programme provides support for people to:

  • Decide on a realistic healthy target weight
  • Achieve a maximum weekly weight loss of 0.5 – 1 kg
  • Focus on long term lifestyle changes
  • Address both diet and activity and offer a variety of approaches
  • Understand how to maintain a balanced, healthy eating approach to reduce calorie intake
  • Offer practical and safe advice about being more active
  • Address eating behaviour; by keeping a diary and advice on how to cope with “lapses and high risk situations”

Slimming World and Weight Watchers Sessions are delivered in a range of settings and are available on most days at different times, including evenings.

How do I access this service?

You can be referred to this service by your:

  • Health / Social Care Professional
  • GP
  • By self-referral using the Healthy Lifestyle Referral Form (downloadable from this page)

What does this service cost?

The first 12 weeks slimming referral period is provided at no charge to the patient.

If for any reason the patient is uncertain which slimming group they wish to attend, they can attend a free taster session.  Both organisations allow this free attendance for one session (with the provision that they will not be weighed and will not be given any resource material).

If a patient does not attend their chosen group or fails to attend the sessions without informing the Healthy Lifestyle Service, they will not be given another voucher and will be discharged from the service. 

After 12 weeks, patients can continue to:

  • Lose weight independently
  • Self-fund further attendance to their chosen commercial weight management provider
  • Participate in other weight management and /or physical activity options provided by the Healthy Lifestyle Service

One voucher pack per person will be allocated.

Patients cannot re-enter the scheme for a year from the issue date of their first voucher.

In what areas is this service available?

We currently offer this service in the Bath & North East Somerset area.

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