Podiatry/Foot Care Service

Providing foot health for people with a medical need for care

Who is this service for?

For people of any age, registered with a GP in the South Gloucestershire area.

What we do

The service offers preventative and general care for patients with medical conditions. It also covers wound care, nail surgery and musculoskeletal disorders. Please note that we do not provide general nail care, fungal nail or verucca treatments.

How do I access this service?

Your GP can refer you to this service.

In what areas is this service available?

Clinics are held in the following locations:

Cadbury Heath Health Centre
Cossham Hospital
Downend Clinic
Filton Clinic
Patchway Clinic
Thornbury Heath Health Centre
Yate Westgate Centre

Please note that some specialist treatments are only available at certain clinics.