Publicly funded NHS & social care services
Publicly funded NHS & social care services

Planned Rehabilitation (Neuro)

Planned Rehabilitation (Neuro)

The Planned Rehabilitation team helps people develop their skills and become more independent by providing rehabilitation and management in their own homes and local community.

Who is this service for?

This service is for:

  • Adults over the age of 18
  • Who are registered with a Bath & North East Somerset GP
  • Who have complex needs that cannot be met by other services
  • Who have complex long-term or deteriorating neurological conditions, or who have stroke related rehabilitation needs

How does this service work / what's involved in this service?

Following a referral from your GP or other health care professional, we will visit you at home to assess your needs. We will ask a variety of questions that will help us to understand your situation. Part of the assessment will be to identify the issues that are most difficult for you. Together we can prioritise these issues and create a plan of how we can help you achieve your goals. Our therapy is focused on helping you work towards goals that are important to you.

This may include;

  • Providing programmes to assist you to remain as independent as possible in your own home and community
  • Support and advice on how to manage your situation
  • Reducing and preventing complications that may result from your condition
  • Supporting you to access other services such as the MS specialist nurses
  • Wheelchair or equipment services
  • Psychological assessment and support

How do I access this service?

You can access this service via referral from your GP or other health care professional.

What does this service cost?

This is an NHS funded service and is therefore of no cost to you.

In what areas is this service available?

We currently offer this service in the Bath & North East Somerset area.

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