Continence Specialist Nursing Team (for adults)

Our outpatient and advisory service to cure or improve bladder or bowel problems for adults.

Continence Clinic
Who is this service for?

For people of 18 years and above who are registered with a GP in South Gloucestershire.

What we do

The continence specialist nursing team supports patients with bladder and bowel problems and promotes healthy living.  We offer assessment, support and advice to patients who have continence needs.   We provide a full assessment of the individual’s needs, which will include a physical examination alongside a detailed medical and surgical history.  The nature of the continence problem will be fully discussed and a plan to manage the problem will be agreed – this may include ongoing appointments. We work very closely with community healthcare teams, GPs and other professionals.

How do I access this service?

You can contact us direct or you may be referred by your GP or other health professional.