Clinical/Spinal Assessment Treatment Service

Assessment and management of joint, muscle and spinal conditions

Physiotherapy Service at Cossham Hospital
Who is this service for?

Our CATS and SATS service is aimed at people who have persistent pain due to a musculoskeletal problem such as osteoarthritis or joint pain, or for people with spinal symptoms such as back pain or sciatic pain (leg pain due to a trapped nerve).

Your GP will refer you to this service if you have not responded to normal GP care such as pain relief and physiotherapy.

What we do

We will talk to you about your joint, muscle or spinal pain and will thoroughly assess your condition.  Once we have the results, we will discuss and agree any treatment and exercise plans with you.

We have clinics in Yate Westgate Centre, Cossham Memorial Hospital, and Thornbury Hospital outpatients.

How do I access this service?

You need to be referred by your GP to access this service.