We are so delighted to have been awarded the contract for adult community health services across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire from April 2020 and to be working with fantastic staff across the area to build on the good work which is already taking place.

You may have already seen on other pages on our website that Sirona is about people; people who use our services, who work for us and our partners in the health and care system including those in the Third Sector.

We are about helping and supporting people to meet their individual goals, not fitting people to services – we know one size does not fit all.

The new contract is for 10 years and is worth over £100m a year. A key part of the specification for services is about transformation and working with people across BNSSG to ensure we can make a difference.

We are already providing these services in South Gloucestershire – services in Bristol are currently provided by Bristol Community Health CIC and in North Somerset by North Somerset Community Partnership.

Staff currently working in these services in Bristol and North Somerset will transfer to Sirona and we will have around 3000 staff in total.

Sirona is a Third Sector organisation – a social enterprise committed to adding value to the areas we serve. We are about listening, involving and learning from your expertise and experience, being inclusive and ensuring equal access to services.

We are looking forward to working with you on this exciting journey.

Our Values

We’re committed to treating you as we would our own loved ones and we know that often, it’s the small things which really make the difference.

Taking it Personally means just that, it’s about making sure you feel welcome, valued, supported and safe – listen to our Chief Executive Janet Rowse talk about what it means to her on this video.

The Human Tower or Castell

We will build on the Catalonian Motto:


Clinically led, multi-agency and multi-disciplinary approach, building on the existing system strengths.


Openness, integrity and mutual respect in the way we manage and transform community services.


Brave and aspirational for local services, ready to try new approaches and quick to learn, sticking together in tough times, even when we disagree.

Common Sense

Simplify and clarify systems at every opportunity, furthering the adoption and spread of best practice and making best use of our shared system resources.

Our underpinning principle is based on the importance of co-production and
empowerment. We want all our staff to work jointly with individuals, families and with partners to build up trust and confidence to support our aims of positive relationships, improved communication and information sharing. This includes joint care planning to ensure the safest and most resource efficient care.

The building of the tower starts with a firm base of interlocking bodies which creates a safety net, just as in our Integrated Care System we need a firm foundation to support our service users to reach their potential. All those involved work together to create something unique, putting faith in each other to achieve more, This the culture we want to engender in the out of hospital system.

We recognise we cannot all form human towers but we can forge more open relationships with each other as partners and with those we serve – individuals, carers, families, local communities and our staff. We are all critical to our mutual success and it is only by releasing the potential of all of us and working together to realise its synergies will we reach the heights we are seeking.

Integrated Care Approach


  • A better experience for individuals, giving them greater choice and control over their health and wellbeing.
  • Add value and support sustainability for the health and care system through reduced demand and lower cost packages of care.

Community Based Model Of Care

Our model of care is a strengths based approach focused on prevention, self-help and early intervention enabling people to support themselves and adopting a home-first ethos to keep people living well and supported in the community.

Two main aims:

  • To support people stay healthy and self-care.
  • To reduce avoidable emergency hospital admissions, A&E attendances and admissions to long term care.

The majority of people, including those with complex conditions, will be on the left hand side of the model for most of the time.

There are six localities within Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

There are 18 Primary Care Networks bringing GP practices together across BNSSG.

Our plans meets and adds to the specifications published by the Commissioners:

Locality Hubs

Integrated Network Teams

Acute and Reactive Services

Specialist Support and Advice

You can read the specifications here.

Our Commitment

  • To continue conversations alongside existing work we know is also taking place with partners, Commissioners and NHSE.
  • To be inclusive and accessible – all voices are important to us
  • To redesign services with you and other partners
  • To ensure you are informed and involved
  • To listen and learn

These will be our front door for you to be able to access all services.

There will be a focus on Health and Wellbeing with advice and signposting to services, links with Third Sector organisations within each locality and this will be both an actual physical presence but also virtual as we will be using the best digital technology too.

Services will be together including some outpatient clinics.

There will be 18 across BNSSG all linked to GP practices.
Teams will be made up of multi-disciplinary practitioners which means bringing nurses and therapists together so services are integrated. They will offer flexibility and ensure you receive continuity of care.
Community pharmacists and health visitors for older people will also be part of the team and we aim to link these with our partners in Social Care, Mental Health and Third Sector.
We will also offer enhanced support to care homes across the area.

This is the focus of urgent care in the community aimed at keeping you at home wherever possible as we know that is where people recover best. We also know sometimes people need diagnostic tests such as x-ray or blood checking and we will have day assessment units within the hubs and will work closely with hospital teams.

There will be a Single Point of Access for clinicians with one number and email address and we plan to ensure the Minor Injury Units and Walk-in Centres have consistent hours.

There are also community beds across BNSSG which will be used in three ways:

Step up for those who need monitoring and care best provided in a clinical setting for a short period of time but are not acutely unwell.

Step down for those who need intensive support before being able to be safely discharged home but are medically well

Safe Haven for those who need care because their carer has taken ill or similar.

Providing support in key areas -Respiratory, Diabetes, Continence, Tissue Viability, Dermatology, Heart Failure, Parkinson’s Disease, The Haven, Health Links, Lymphoedema, Falls, Learning Disabilities, MSK & Podiatry, End of Life – across BNSSG.

Want to get involved?

We will be active, visible and accessible in all local communities and want you to be part of this.
There will be opportunities to be a member of Sirona, a non-executive Director, be on our new Service User and Carer Council or join a local engagement group.
We will work with you and others to find solutions, understand the needs of local areas and what is already available.
Join our mailing list to find out about workshops and other opportunities by emailing engagement@sirona-cic.org.uk.

We are committed to doing this together – we don’t have all the answers, we have lots of ideas and lots of experience but we know you have important expertise too so your views really matter.
We are willing to learn, flex, respond and experiment to make a difference together.

You can also keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SironaCIC