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Audiology for Adults

Adult Audiology Sirona

Audiology for Adults

Our Adult Audiology Service provides an NHS hearing aid fitting service to residents of Bath & North East Somerset, with a choice of convenient local clinics.

Who is this service for?

This service is for adults who are registered with a GP in Bath & North East Somerset.

How does this service work / what's involved in this service?

Our Adult Audiology Service provides:

  • Diagnostic hearing tests
  • Fitting of NHS hearing aids
  • Professional help and advice on when to start wearing a hearing aid
  • Voluntary support from experienced hearing aid users
  • Repairs and replacement batteries, tubing and earmoulds
  • British Sign Language interpreters are available on request

How do I access this service?

Referrals to this service must come from a GP registered in Bath and North East Somerset.

Please Note: Before any type of appointment in Audiology, you will need to have had your ears checked for wax by your practice nurse.

What does this service cost?

Hearing aid fittings are NHS commissioned, therefore they are free of charge.

In what areas is this service available?

We currently offer this service in the Bath & North East Somerset area, with clinics in St Martins Hospital, Keynsham Health Centre and Paulton.

You are able to choose which clinic you would prefer to attend. Please make sure your GP knows where you would like to be seen.

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St. Martin's Hospital
01225 831 802
St. Martin's Hospital
Clara Cross Lane
Monday - Friday
9.00am - 4.30pm


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