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Who is this service for?

The Community Respiratory Service is made up of health care professionals who specialise in providing services for people with chronic respiratory diseases.

What we do

Our services include home oxygen assessment reviews, pulmonary rehabilitation and an advice and guidance for healthcare professionals. See below to find out more about each of these services.

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation service is a treatment programme for people with long term lung conditions, whose breathing is causing them difficulty when moving around or carrying out daily activities. The programme will combine a personalised activity plan with education and advice to help people with lung conditions feel more in control of their condition.

Our Home Oxygen Assessment and Review Service currently provides on going care to some people who have home oxygen and  live within Bristol. These people are reviewed either in their own home or within a clinic environment close to their home. Personalised care planning around the management of oxygen is key to the service.

Our advice and guidance service is staffed by specialist nurses and physiotherapists for healthcare professionals, including those working in general practice, care homes, the ambulance service and 111. Queries could include such issues such as a deteriorating NEWS score, managing acute breathlessness, oxygen weaning, management of COPD, non-compliance with medication etc.

How do I access this service?

People for the The Home Oxygen Review Service can be referred by a healthcare professional.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

People can be referred to this service by a healthcare professional, or people who have a diagnosis of a long-term lung condition can also self-refer by contacting the Community Respiratory Team on the number below. People who self-refer must be happy for our team to speak to their GP to gain their full medical history prior to attendance at the group.

Our programmes run on varying days and times between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, at locations across the whole of Bristol. You can call the service on 0117 9617159

I’m a clinician – how do I make a referral to this service?

Referral information and other clinical guidance can be found on the CCG’s Remedy site:

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Tel: 0117 9617159

Home Oxygen

Tel: 0117 961 7159


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