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Who is this service for?

Our Bladder and Bowel Service can support the following:

  • People aged 18 years and over
  • Those registered with a Bristol General Practitioner (GP)
  • Those able to attend a clinic to be assessed
  • Families, carers, healthcare staff and our own community healthcare teams who are working with adults and children and require advice and support for people’s continence needs
  • Complex housebound individuals who have bladder and bowel problems, often in partnership with community nurses.

What we do

Our Bladder and Bowel Service offers assessment, support and advice to people who have continence needs. The service works to promote healthy bladders and bowels, providing care and advice for people with continence needs and promoting dignity, independence and quality of life for those with bladder or bowel problems. Our specialist nurses are trained to support you with whatever bladder or bowel health needs you may face. We work very closely with the Community Healthcare Teams, GPs and other professionals providing expertise, training and support.

Our service runs various clinics across Bristol near individuals’ homes, and we support people within nursing and care homes. We will also offer advice and support to healthcare staff in Bristol who are caring for people with bladder and bowel problems and advise on equipment and products when required. The service has close links with hospital specialists and makes referrals to other services when required with an individual’s consent.

How do I access this service?

Please discuss a referral to our team with your GP.

If your referral is accepted you will receive your appointment confirmation by email or post. We will also send you some documents to complete to help us assess and meet your needs when we meet you.

For your first appointment you should bring along:

  • A summary of your medical history.
  • A medication list and medical summary of your health which you can request from your GP.
  • Documents we send you to complete or you can download form the website which include: a symptom profile, a four day fluid intake, a urine output chart, and a 14 day food and stool diary.

I’m a clinician – how do I make a referral to this service?

Referral information and other clinical guidance can be found on the CCG’s Remedy site:

Bladder and Bowel Services on Remedy

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Get in touch

Bladder and Bowel Services
Southmead Health Centre
Ullswater Road
BS10 6DF

Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 4:30pm

Tel: 0117 4569933


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