Publicly funded NHS & social care services
Publicly funded NHS & social care services

Radstock Co-op Donates over £5000 to Paulton Hospital

October 14, 2016

The carrier bag levy has bagged Paulton Memorial Hospital a generous donation from the Radstock Co-operative Society.

More than £5,000 was presented to staff along with Nikki Woodland, Head of Integrated Inpatient Care and Claire Plumley Ward Manager, to buy a specialist piece of equipment to help with movement called a “tilt in space” chair and pressure relieving cushions for use at the hospital which is run by Sirona care & health.

The levy was introduced a year ago and required all shops to charge five pence for single-use plastic carrier bags and donate the money to good causes. The Radstock Co-operative Society asked its members who should benefit.

A Society spokesperson said “The Society received a number of suggestions as to where the funds should be directed and one theme that seemed to resonate with members was support for local community health provision. Many Co-operatives historically provided financial support to hospitals and health institutes prior to the introduction of the National Health Service, so it was fitting that Radstock Co-operative decide to direct financial support for these local health services.

“Paulton Memorial Hospital is an important part of community life and many of our colleagues, customers and members have benefitted from the care they provide. So, we are delighted to make a significant donation to them.”

Nikki said: “It was fabulous to receive this donation from the Radstock Co-operative Society. I am incredibly proud to acknowledge just how much the community values the services at Paulton Memorial Hospital and this donation will allow us to buy additional specialist equipment which will benefit individuals who need an enhanced level of care.”

Pictured: Naomi O’Neill, Staff Nurse; Andrea McDonald, Senior Occupational Therapist; Nikki Woodland, Head of Integrated Inpatient Care; Vicki Przytocki, Head of HR & Communications – Radstock Co-operative Society; Claire Plumley, Ward Manager and Mandy Dix, Healthcare Assistant