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Adult Services

Active Ageing Service: Information about our service
A guide to help you make healthier choices about alcohol as you get older
Hints and tips for helping your memory
Dementia Advisor Service: Information About Our Services
Dermatology Nurse Specialist Service
Diabetes Specialist Nurse Service
Clinical and Spinal Assessment Treatment Services (CATS and SATS)
Corticosteroid Injections: Helpful Information
Nerve Root Blocks/Lumbar Sympathetic Block: Information for Patients
South Gloucestershire Community Frailty Service: Information for Patients
How to Treat Your Wrist Injury
Vision and Driving in Your Car
How to Treat Your Shoulder Injury
How to Treat an Injured Neck
How to treat your injured knee
Insect Bites and Stings
Head Injury Advice for Adults
Head Injury Advice in Babies, toddlers and children
Care of Plaster Casts
Burns and Scalds in Children
Buckle Fracture Advice for Children
How To Treat Your Injured Ankle
Your Back and How to Look After It
HIgh Output IIeostomy Advice
Healthy Eating with Diabetics
Food First advice for improving nutrition
Bringing Food into Hospital
Pelvic Joint Pain in Pregnancy
Core Stability Exercises
How to Treat Your Wrist Injury
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Team
District Nursing Services
Prevention of Pressure Injuries
Customer Care Service
Health Visiting in South Gloucesteshire
Could your family help to introduce a medical student to Community health
Thoughts and Feelings After Diagnosis
The Lifetime Clinical Psychology Service
Welcome Skylark Rehabilitation Unit
Vulvovaginitis in Children- Star Clinic
Threadworms in Children- Star Clinic
Lichen Sclerosus in children - Star Clinic