Publicly funded NHS & social care services
Publicly funded NHS & social care services

About Sirona

_PCS8906croppedSirona care & health is an organisation I feel very proud to lead. For me, the essence of Sirona is about ‘taking it personally‘. I ask all staff who work for us to take personally the commitment we make to deliver care with compassion; to understand the contact we have with people – those who use our services, their carers, our colleagues and our partners – makes a difference.

When I meet new staff at induction I ask everyone to have a real person in mind who matters – who will be their benchmark for whether what we are doing is good enough. For me it is my grandmother who, although she has passed away a few years ago, is someone I talk a lot about within Sirona. She is my benchmark and when I watched how she was loved and cared for by others, I realised that it was often the small things that tell people we truly care.

These small things matter in Sirona and when I see them in action day by day it is this that makes me proud to wear the Sirona badge.

Janet Rowse
Chief Executive