Publicly funded NHS & social care services
Publicly funded NHS & social care services

Service User Activities

Sirona Service User Activities

We engage with service users in a number of different ways:

  • Collecting service user stories – these start off every Quality Committee and Board meeting, and are also used for staff training and publicity
  • Friends and Family Test running at a number of services
  • Annual Organisational Survey
  • Service specific surveys
  • ‘Tell Us What You Think’ cards located at all clinics and public areas
  • ‘How was it for you today?’ pilot service user feedback sessions in clinics, Minor Injury Units and inpatient wards
  • Engagement with local organisations eg presentations at South Gloucestershire Over 50s forums
  • Holding our own engagement events eg afternoon tea at Bath Racecourse
  • Paulton Hospital League of Friends (fundraising group)
  • Annual carers interviews
  • Customer Care data from complaints, concerns and compliments
  • Service User Panel
  • Service user interviews eg 15 Steps Challenge
  • Input of service users into the development of leaflets and policy documents
  • Patient’s social activities and tenants meetings in the Community Resource Centres, Extra Care homes and inpatient wards.
  • Evaluation feedback forms / discharge surveys
  • Facebook pages, for example the Breastfeeding Support Service
  • Service users on staff interview panels
  • Experience based co-design project
  • Service User Focus groups eg Learning Difficulties Service, Community Neuro and Stroke Service
  • Service user input into staff training
  • Service user members of the Board
  • Volunteers – the Volunteer Support Co-ordinator supports a number of roles eg Sirona Service User Panel, Volunteer Researchers, and help in services eg Audiology and Hearing Therapy, Breastfeeding Support Service
  • Membership of the local Safeguarding Adults Board Communication and Awareness Group
  • The Duty of Candour CQC registration regulation – publicity in development

If you would like further information of any of the projects above then contact Martha Cox, Service User Involvement Lead on:


01225 831328