Taking it Personally

Making a difference to you

Taking it personally

Taking it Personally is about making sure you feel welcome, valued, supported and safe.

We give a commitment to treat you as we would our own loved ones and we know that often it is the small things which really make a difference.

As with all health and social care providers, we are inspected by the Care Quality Commission and the inspectors recently described the care provided by our staff as “Outstanding”.

They said: “Nothing was viewed as too much trouble by staff when trying to support the hopes and wishes of patients and families.”

And added: “Staff were often described as going the extra mile and the care people received exceeded their expectations.” You can see what else they said here.

Our Taking it Personally behaviours were developed by staff for staff and our Friends and Family Test result illustrate how they are being put into practice every day..

Our Chief Executive Janet Rowse says: “I ask all staff who work for us to take personally the commitment we make to deliver care with compassion.  I have asked them to understand the contact we have with people – those who use our services, their carers, our colleagues and our partners – makes a difference and to make that difference a positive one.”

Taking it Personally underpins Sirona’s vision that through working with you to achieve your goals we aim to make a difference by providing health and social care services ensuring that we

  • Focus on individuals, families & communities
  • Promote the prevention of poor health and wellbeing and intervene only to support recovery
  • Add value to our local communities above what we are contracted to do
  • Work with others to ensure joined up services
  • Remove unhelpful boundaries between services and professionals
  • Continually learn and grow as a Company.

We will ensure that everyone who comes into contact with Sirona feels welcomed, supported, safe and valued in line with our commitment to Taking It Personally.

Strategy and Business Plan

Sirona has a three year strategy which sets our direction and helps us to achieve our vision. This is supported by an annual business plan which is developed by both the clinical divisions and the corporate teams. Our business plan outlines our key priorities for the year and the programmes of work that need to be completed to help us complete our objectives.

Our values:
  • We provide care to the standard we expect for ourselves and our families
  • We offer a high quality environment where the individual feels in control of the care and the support they receive
  • We offer a working environment where high quality care and compassion are respected and rewarded
  • Our staff focus on the goals of the individual taking into account their inter-related physical, mental and social care needs
  • Every member of staff takes personally their responsibility to improve the health and wellbeing of those to whom we provide support
  • We nurture a just culture where all staff are supported to deliver to the highest standard and are fairly held to account when they fail to do so
Equality and diversity

Sirona care & health is committed to ensuring that all its services are accessible and appropriate to the needs of the whole community and that its employment practices and processes treat all staff (and applicants) fairly and equally.