Communications & Engagement Officer – SIR756

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The Communications and Engagement team is an important part of Sirona’s overall ethos of ensuring that the experiences people have of our services are positive and that we learn from these experiences to continually improve.

Sirona is committed to engaging with those who use our services and the communities we serve. We know our success is based on the experience people have of our services and we aim to ensure the services we provide are at the standard we would want for ourselves or our families so listening to what people tell us about their experience is important to us.

The role is part of the wider Business Development Team whose function is to help the organisation to learn, develop and grow; to give assurance to the Board that we are listening and responding to, communicating with and engaging with service users. We put the experience of those who use our services at the heart of our development work. The team works closely with all services to help them implement new projects and changes that demonstrate our drive for continuous improvement and leading edge provision.

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