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Please be assured that we will be working with your child’s school to ensure that we adhere to the latest government guidelines. This includes wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) during the immunisations to protect both your child and the team members. Watch our video to find out more

Who is this service for?

From September 2020, all young people aged 12-13 years (school years 8 and 9) will be offered the HPV vaccinations, as part of the national NHS school-age immunisations programme.

What is the vaccine and how does it work?

The vaccines protects against HPV-related cancers in boys and girls, such as head and neck, anal, and genital cancers.

The HPV vaccination consists of two doses, which are given by injection in the upper arm. The first dose is usually given in year 8, with the second dose in year 9.

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A parent/carer letter, consent form and information leaflet can be found below. If you have mislaid the consent form, please print from here and return to your child’s school.